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Logiciel Mecacost

Running costs for tractors and agricultural machines

Easy-to-use software for calculating the estimated cost of use of agricultural equipment

386 machines

An online service that enables you to see the cost of use of more than 386 machines at a glance!
This calculation model, based on an acknowledged method and reliable data representative of the market, allows you to calculate the estimated cost of use of agricultural equipment, both as a total cost and also under separate headings (consumption, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, interest, insurance and tax, labour). The calculation can be performed for a single machine or for a combination.


By altering the default parameters (price, annual utilization, performance…) you can adapt the calculation to your particular situation. You can also see how altering one parameter impacts upon the costs


The tool provides a guide to the best choice of equipment according to the user’s particular situation (area to be worked, number of hours). This enables both unjustified investment to be limited and, also, different combinations to be compared with one another, such as forage harvesting processes or till and no till sowing techniques. It will also be useful for establishing rates when working for third parties.


Customer stories

Il est important de savoir combien coûtera un tracteur ou une machine agricole, cet outil est donc indispensable

Es ist sehr wichtig die Einsatzkosten eines Schleppers oder einer Maschine zu kennen.

Project partners

  • Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques
  • Association nationale des entrepreneurs de travaux agricoles
  • Wallonie - Direction Générale de l’Agriculture